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"Amber offers gourmands a contemporary dinning experience with attractive dishes that mix and match a variety of cultural influences and flavors" - WHERE MAGAZINE
"Amber is the favorite late-night low-key hang out of the city fashion swells"
- Travel And Leisure - TRAVEL AND LEISURE
“Once past the velvet rope you’ll find a serious kitchen that serves unexpectedly polished food…with a talent for exoticism….” - Amy Pataki, The Toronto Star - TORONTO STAR
“Amber is a smart and intimate space where the same crowd comes to eat and drink and be merry.” - James Chatto - TORONTO LIFE
“…the menu is refreshingly unpretentious, tasty and full of fragrant spice, just the sort of thing you want to eat on a pretty patio out in the sunshine.” - Jacob Richler, National Post "In typical Amber style, the designer martinis were a-flowing and the food was superb (the menu is awesome, and those desserts – to die!)…the evenings fair was all beautifully prepared by chef Signe Lanford. There was pan-fried halloum, grilled chicken kebabs with lemon anchovy dressing and lobster ravioli and tiger shrimp – all absolutely divine." – Amoryn Engel, National Post - NATIONAL POST
"So hip it makes you want to call the St. Johns Ambulance! It gets better with time. It’s style patio is definetly one of the prettiest in town."
- Sheenan Govani, Inside Entertainment

"If it’s patio weather outside, check Amber, Toufik Sarwa’s perennially cool Yorkville nightclub where Mick Jagger likes to drink when he’s in town... during last year’s film festival Julianne Moore, Dennis Quaid, Colin Farrell and Olympia Dukakis passed through."
- Inside Entertainment - INSIDE ENTERTAINMENT
"...the fantabolous food dubbed 'global with Middle Eastern flair' goes perfectly with a watermelon martini (or a Prada purse)"

"One of the most stylish restaurant / bars in Toronto" - FLARE MAGAZINE
"Amber is definitely a Sex in the City kind of place…..very intimate and modern and minimal and swish – the perfect place to sip martinis and subtly cruise the select crowd of beautiful people."